Monday, October 3, 2011

Far Away
Spreads the Sky
Too Far
To pull it over.
After No-Win attempts
To dissolve the distance
As i doze off
It descends unwitnessed
To embrace my eyes.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A burning fire over fuel
I am
Clinging on
To my beloved beings
and belongings.
High sways
Its flame in lust
To Liberate.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Long Live

It All Expired
In a Moment.

In the series of
That Follow
The Dead One would
Live Long.
Drool or Dropping
Either it could be

Of a Crow or Sparrow
From the tree Above
The Night proves Neither

It stinks at the Nostrils.

Every SMS
is punctuated
By Smileys
Shed from
The Lips.

Still Pond

No Stone
A Still Pond.
carries a Watch
To Trust
The Time it displays
Is the Right.

In Moments of
No Awareness
High flies
A Word
A Gesture.

Feathers do caress
Claws might bruise
The onus adds up
For having mothered.


Wandering clouds inside
When all alone I ride
An up-thumb blocks my way.
Could he be a thief?
An innocent might he be.
So what?
Where to drop -
The bare minimum to be talked.
With someone sitting behind
Thinking aloud is to be perturbed.
Lost amidst the Clouds
I drove past
With no compulsive reasons to stop.
This Non-stop ride
might at any moment
Drop the driver on the road
Thumbing -up for a ride.
Candy in my mouth
Wrapper between my fingers
I was walking on the corridor.
The floors are clean and tidy
Dropped is trash.
What would be brushed
If Nothing is littered ?
In a moment of
No Guilt
No Rationalisation
It was dropped.